Source: Dahu

Dahu ski boot

Daniel “Dano” Bruno has joined the U.S. distribution company Progression Brands Group, headquartered in Colorado, to lead the Swiss ski boot brand Dahu’s latest initiative called the Corsair Fit Experience (CFE). CFE is a novel ski boot fitting process that is meant to complement Dahu’s patented exoskeleton ski boots. Dahu says that by blending a simple-to-navigate size technology with digital one-on-one consultations with the team from the brand’s Swiss and Colorado offices, the Corsair Fit Experience enables customers to create a direct relationship with the brand in a way that historically ski boot companies haven’t been able to establish. CFE was launched in October on Dahu’s updated e-commerce website, is complimentary and comes with a 100-percent fit guarantee. Dano Bruno is an experienced boot fitter who has worked in the past for Colorado-based companies like Gorsuch, a sports and fashion retailer, and OnPoint Ski Technicians.