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    IOG launches project to postpone end-of-season sales


    Gruppo Valore Outdoor (GVO) is the name of a spontaneous group of companies and specialized outdoor retailers that have decided to protect the value of their brands by rethinking the end-of-season sales calendar in Italy. The initiative, launched by the Italian Outdoor Group’s (IOG) Working Table, aims to make the ...

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    Italian Outdoor Group to further reinforce presence at Outdoor&Running Business Days


    The Italian Outdoor Group (IOG) is further reinforcing its presence at the Outdoor&Running Business Days, the Italian trade show on outdoor and running, of which IOG is a partner. At the 2021 event, the IOG will have a dedicated 100-square-meter networking area located at the heart of the exhibition village ...

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    A round table on the future of Italy’s outdoor industry


    The Italian Outdoor Group ( IOG ) hosted an online round table for the actors of the Italian outdoor industry on April 29, titled “ Outdoor: domani è adesso ” ( tomorrow is now ). The IOG is part of Assosport , the Italian association of sporting goods manufacturers. The ...

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    ​Oberalp Group postpones winter clearance sales


    As many retailers had to close their doors for a long time in 2020 due to the pandemic, the South Tyrolean Oberalp Group has decided to postpone the winter clearance sales in its own brand shops to Jan. 30. The management-led family business already approached Anna Ferrino , president ...

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    The Italian Outdoor Group has a new chairman


    Source: IOG Günther Acherer Günther Acherer , the owner of Panorama Diffusion , has been elected as the new chairman of the Italian Outdoor Group (IOG) , which is part of Assosport , Italy’s association of the sporting goods industry. Acherer, who takes over from ...

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    The Outdoor Italia campaign has been a success


    # outdooritalia , the digital campaign launched by the Italian Outdoor Group (IOG ) in June to support tourism and outdoor activities during the 2020 summer season, has generated more than one million impressions on the dedicated campaign website and 40,000 interactions on social media – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. ...

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    Italy’s outdoor industry promotes nature and tourism


    The Italian Outdoor Group ( IOG ) has launched Outdoor Italia , a social media campaign to promote the country’s natural areas through the images and voices from these places and with regular news from the outdoor brands that are participating in the initiative. The campaign features brand ...