In 2020, Moscow exported sporting goods for $17.06 million, accounting for nearly a third of Russia’s overall exports of such products, said Vladimir Efimov, deputy mayor of Moscow, in a recent press conference. Outdoor products represented 33.5 percent of the total export turnover, he said, while adding that deliveries of sporting gear for indoor workouts went up during the past year. Nearly 45 percent of all sporting goods exports went to Kazakhstan and 28 percent to Belarus, followed by the Netherlands, Germany, Uzbekistan, Poland, China and Moldova. In total, Moscow exported sporting goods to 49 countries. New markets were opened last year, including Taiwan. In the first quarter of 2021, Moscow’s exports of sporting goods were relatively stable, but they landed in 34 foreign markets, up from 29 in the previous year’s first quarter.

Photo: Alexander Smagin on Unsplash