Russia is still experiencing a shortage of bicycles, while the average price has increased by 10 to 35 percent since the beginning of the year, retailers reported. Russia’s Velograd said the shortage is likely to last throughout 2021, and it will take two to three years for the situation to improve. Velograd is one of Russia’s largest retailers, selling bikes from Merida, Giant, Welt, Stels, Stark, Cube and several other brands. The main problem is a shortage of components, with average delivery time having increased three to four times compared to last year. In addition, expensive logistics drove up the prices of most parts. On average, the price of new bikes increased by 15 to 20 percent, similar to other market participants, Velograd said. Supply is significantly lower than last year, and demand is weaker as customers wait for discounts and clearance sales. Velograd also sells bikes from its own Stinger and Novatrack brands, which have also been affected by the current crisis.

Photo: Viridi Green on Unsplash