Essilor Sun Solution, the division within Essilor group dedicated to plano sun lenses, accompanied the first all-female expedition to reach the summit of Mount Everest. The expedition saw six Nepalese women, led by Kanchhi Maya Tamang, ascend Mount Everest to promote women's empowerment in Nepal and fight against human trafficking. To enable them to achieve this extraordinary adventure under the best conditions, Essilor Sun Solution provided the climbers with NXT Varia photochromic sun lenses, equipped with technology that allows them to adapt to surrounding light conditions. As explained by Essilor, NXT Varia combines the optical clarity of mineral lenses with the light weight and impact-resistance of organic lenses. In addition, the Varia Winter Sports line is specifically designed to resist to the lowest temperatures, as the material used to make these particular photochromic lenses is less sensitive to temperature variations. Julbo, also a partner in the expedition, provided ski goggles and sunglasses.