Starting this summer, Fjällräven will introduce Fjällräven Classic TV, a solution to the current situation that immerses people in the experience of trekking through an online stream from a trekker’s point of view. Fjällräven Classic TV will digitally transport viewers from all across the globe to the locations of Fjällräven’s successful trekking events. The first episode will go live on May 27 on the brand’s social channels and on the Fjällräven Classic website. The second episode is planned for July 1-4.

Fjällräven set out this year to expand the Fjällräven Classic to more countries and continents, with additional events planned for Germany, the U.K., China and South Korea. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, the brand had to cancel its events in Germany, Denmark,the  U.K., the U.S., China and Sweden. This called for a creative solution to enable people to still enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the events. 

Starting with Classic Germany, the first episode will last for three continuous days and cover 57 km of winding trails through fields and forests, along ridges and lakes, over hills and grasslands of the beautiful Allgäu region in Germany. Viewers will be able to join in for a few hours or for the entire three-day trek, experiencing the trail from a trekker’s perspective. The second part of the series will take the viewers on a three-day trek through Denmark.