GoPro announced that its flagship Hero8 Black camera now functions as a 1080p high-definition, wide-angle webcam. Users can update their Hero8 Black with a beta-release of the new firmware and install the new GoPro Webcam desktop utility to use their camera as a webcam. The GoPro Webcam desktop utility is currently available for Mac OS users with support for Windows in development. The setup is currently compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Discord and BlueJeans as well as Webex, Skype, Facebook Rooms, Facebook Messenger and Slack when accessed via a Google Chrome Browser on Mac OS. The Hero8 Black can also be used for live streaming to YouTube and to start a new movie recording in QuickTime. For those looking to live stream to viewers from a cord-free perspective, GoPro Hero8 Black, Hero7 Black and Max cameras live stream direct to Twitch (most recently) as well as YouTube, Facebook profiles and Facebook pages. Via RTMP, users can live stream to Vimeo, Facebook groups and Workplace by Facebook.

Photo: © GoPro