Haglöfs will officially launch a new brand claim this autumn. With “Outsiders by Nature,” the Swedish brand wants to celebrate the mentality of people who share their authentic love of nature. The “Haglöfs Outsiders,” according to the brand, is a community of people who have a passion and a deep appreciation for nature and the alternative lifestyle associated with it. The Outsiders love nature and the happy and social aspects of the outdoor community.

In order to launch the new statement “Outsiders by Nature” and to pay attention to what is currently happening in the world, Haglöfs will launch a campaign called “Our Natural Habitat” this summer, pointing out that the greatest journey is the one that lies right on your doorstep. Haglöfs asked its brand ambassadors around the world for their insider tips, favorite places, favorite activities and tricks, all of which can be done close to home. As a result, several of these “hidden gems” will be presented in the coming weeks, both on the brand’s website and on official Haglöfs social accounts.

“As a brand, we believe in enabling people to experience the world in a different way in being progressive and thinking differently. We believe that life is not about where you are going, it’s the journey,” Victor Adler, marketing director at Haglöfs, said.

Photo: © Haglöfs