Swiss ingredient brand HeiQ has partnered with luxury Hotel W Verbier and The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland (MSCS) to integrate the HeiQ Viroblock Ecosystem, an antiviral textile and surface technology, into its facility management routine amid a recent lockdown imposed by Swiss health authorities. The HeiQ Viroblock Ecosystem strives to use the technology to cover all surfaces that are frequently touched. It does this by providing regular surface treatments according to a cleaning protocol, equipping staff with HeiQ Viroblock-treated protective clothing and portable HeiQ Viroblock spray for reapplication between cleaning cycles whenever needed, and other innovative features such as HVAC air filter treatment and merchandising of HeiQ Viroblock products in-store.

The W Verbier’s decision comes in response to recent actions taken by ski resorts across Switzerland that force hospitality businesses to rethink their protective measures to ensure their guests’ and employees’ safety. The W Verbier is the first hotel to implement the HeiQ Viroblock Ecosystem. It will begin treating its rooms and public spaces in January to ensure a durable surface protection barrier is established. Also, “viroblocked” protective clothing not only protects employees while they work but also significantly reduces the likelihood of re-transmission of pathogens they may come into contact with.