Julbo USA is a Key Sponsor of the U.S. Skyrunner Series, a new running series in the U.S. that kicked off on May 16 with the Cruel Jewel 56-km race in Georgia. Julbo will support all participants in this new series, including members of its own Julbo endurance running team. Julbo, a brand of high-end performance sunglasses based in France, joins the Italian brand La Sportiva as a Gold Sponsor of the series, while Salomon is the series' lone Platinum Sponsor. The concept of skyrunning was pioneered by Marino Giacometti with high altitude mountain-running races on the Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa in the 1990s. Today, there have been more than 200 races worldwide with 30,000 runners from 54 countries. The 2014 U.S. Skyrunner Series comprises 13 races in three categories including marathon distances with at least 1,300 meters of climbing (Sky), races over 50km and at least 1,300 meters of climbing (Ultra), and 1,000 meters of positive vertical climbing that do not exceed 5km in distance (Vertical). This year, three of the events, namely two Ultras and one Vertical, are considered part of the global series of Skyrunning races.