Much to the chagrin of all “deadheads” – the nickname for fans of the band The Grateful Dead – on this side of the Atlantic, it probably won’t be available in Europe, but it’s worth noting that Keen has teamed up with the Jerry Garcia Family to present a new limited edition collection combining Jerry Garcia’s artwork with its Newport sandal and the Uneek sneaker sandal. A portion of the sales will go to HeadCount, a non-profit that uses the power of music to register voters and participate in democracy. It was started back in 2004 with the goal of getting every deadhead and music fan registered to vote. The brand wrote that “in an environment increasingly dominated by hate, Keen and the Jerry Garcia Family want to encourage fans to participate in positive change and vote for love in their everyday choices and with their ballots.” The collection features two art pieces created by Jerry Garcia (1942-1995), founding member and lead guitarist of the Grateful Dead: “New York at Night” and “Banyan Tree.”