MSR, which stands for Mountain Safety Research, has reported that one of its sponsored athletes, Eric Larsen, reached the geographic North Pole on May 6 together with a partner, Ryan Waters, after completing a 53-day expedition without any human support. It was the first team to have accomplished the unaided “land to Pole” journey since 2010. Another American team did it in 2009, but it took it 55 days. Sponsored by MSR, Larsen broke a record in 2010 by becoming the first person in history to successfully complete expeditions to the South Pole, the North Pole and the summit of Mount Everest in a continuous 365-day journey. In their latest exploit, Larsen and Waters travelled across the 480-mile stretch of shifting sea ice to the North Pole using MSR snowshoes, trekking poles, shovels, stoves and pots. They had to swim through open water sections.