Polygiene reported that its new ViralOff® technology will be used for hand gels, sanitary napkins and sprays from an industry consortium joining forces against the spread of the coronavirus. The new products are designed to be used both for objects and rooms and they will sold under the brand name Milano Colori in Italy and Quimidroga internationally.

ViralOff has been proven to protect against viruses and bacteria, including the novel coronavirus responsible for the current Covid-19 pandemic. Pending appropriate approvals and filings, the products mentioned are to be launched by the end of June. ViralOff will be exclusive in these types of products against a minimum order value over two years of €3.2 million.

The initiative started at an Italian product development studio run by Lisa Tavazzini which, during the lockdown, contacted all the companies involved to combine their skills and capabilities to produce and distribute products and materials with the technology to protect life during and after the pandemic. David Odicini, managing director at Grafenix, as well as the Regenesis labs and Polygiene joined forces and were the drivers in setting up this complex cooperation. According to Polygiene, some other technology partners are involved in various ways.

Quimidroga is a Spanish chemical supplier to various industries internationally with a turnover of around €900 million. Milano Colori is a leader in the Italian raw materials and special chemicals market.