Outdoor Master has launched a limited-edition series of ski goggles, in partnership with Stevie Gee and Simon Beck, which the California-based company claims are the world’s first sustainable ski goggles. The lenses in the new eco-friendly, artist collaboration goggles are made of sustainable materials extracted from cotton, which makes the lens degradable. Furthermore, the goggles feature straps that are made of bamboo extracts. The yarn is woven from bamboo fibers while the anti-slip silicone is made of natural rubber. Stevie Gee, best known for his offbeat humor and character design, has won an AOI World Illustration Award as well as a D&AD Pencil Award for his work with Stella McCartney and Adidas. The OutdoorMaster x Stevie Gee ski goggles feature his inspirational colorway illustration. Simon Beck is a British snow artist, best known for his snowshoeing paintings, and the design of the OutdoorMaster x Simon Beck ski goggles combine his footprints elements with the straps.

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Source: outdoormaster.com

Outdoor Master x Simon Beck