Swedish brand Didriksons aims to expand its business in the French retail market. For this fall/winter season, the brand has opened a combined pop-up store and order showroom in Paris’ Marais district, which will be open until Dec. 31, 2021. The store is part of the expansion strategy of the Borås-based company that wants to establish itself as a specialized jacket brand internationally. Fall/Winter 2022 will be the first order round for Didriksons in France, where the wholesale business is planned to be steered from Didrikons’ German subsidiary, Didriksons Deutschland GmbH, based in Düsseldorf. To improve the service for French customers, the Didriksons e-commerce site has been translated into French with the go-to-market of the current fall/winter line. According to a company press release, customer service and the brand’s online presentation in the local language are priorities for the brand to further increase its presence and recognition while meeting demand and improving the customer experience. In May this year, Didriksons introduced a new logo and communication strategy. 


Source: Didriksons / Antoine Guilloteau

Didriksons pop-up store and showroom in Paris