Following more than 20 years of research and development, the Finnish biotech brand NordShield introduces plant-based alternatives to harmful heavy metal anti-odor treatments. NordShield’s products are now available on a large-scale to mills and brands. 


“Our technology means that mills and brands can make the move from harmful biocides and heavy metals in anti-odor treatments and achieve product longevity without compromising on sustainability,” says Kristoffer Ekman, CEO of the Finnish biotech brand NordShield. Its range of next-generation anti-odor technologies is being launched in a series of events around the world in the aptly named “No Heavy Metal” tour. 

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“We are seeing that mills are focusing on high-quality materials and constructions and that brands are taking sustainable design practices to the next level, resulting in products that the user wants and can use for a long time,” adds Ekman. “Anti-odor treatments contribute to longevity, but have so far been applied at high environmental cost. Heavy metals like silver are bad for the aquatic environment and can kill by the so-called leaching effect. The Nordshield solution is based on nature’s own way of dealing with the problem.” 


As a technology member of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group, NordShield builds on the Finnish tradition of transforming basic research into innovative products by integrating ongoing research into the company’s daily activities. Janne Hakonen, Vice President Sales, explains: “Our office outside Helsinki is basically a research facility from which our team has been able to create specific technologies tailored to different textile materials, enabling us to add NordShield to both cellulosic and synthetic fibers. We’re used in products like shoes, gloves, close-to-skin products, outerwear as well as furnishings.” 

Sales and distribution of NordShield’s products is carried out directly by the company and through a network of strong textile technology distribution partners. “Our field is not only highly regulated, but the industry is highly diverse. To be able to service different mills, we make sure to be present in local markets, providing both regulatory and technical support and connecting ambitious mills to strong brands,” says Hakonen.  


Throughout 2023 Nordshield has been launched at key functional and sustainability-focused textile trade shows. The tour has so far been to Salt Lake City, Tokyo, Taipei and Portland and is touching down at ISPO Munich in November.  

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