About 340 researchers, consultants and training specialists attended the sixth edition of Inosport held in Voiron in June, to discuss topics relating to innovation in the sports and leisure industry. This was an increase of 12 percent compared with the previous year, according to the organizers. The participants were invited to attend two round table discussions and to discover products in a special showroom. The event is also appreciated for the business meetings that are held around it. Inosport is a regional initiative by “Pays Voironnais,” endorsed this year by Antoine Dénériaz, a French alpine skiing champion. They also organized a product competition, with winners including Groupe Volx for its “connected” climbing wall, TSL Outdoor for its Tactil walking pole, Time Sport International for the Time Aktiv fork, Vercross for its Axcel R8 roller ski and Outdoor Inofab for the Responsiv 8L pocket-jacket.