Because the annual Alpinmesse (Alpine Fair) in Innsbruck, Europe’s largest mountain sports fair for end consumers, had to be canceled due to Covid-19, the organizer, the Austrian Board of Trustees for Alpine Safety, has prepared a wide range of content for a YouTube stream on Nov. 13 and 14. During the live lectures on Friday and Saturday evening, viewers can ask questions via YouTube’s chat function.

The program:

Friday, Nov. 13:

  9 am: Welcome & Recco search systems  

 2 pm: This mountain life - Lorraine Huber  

 3 pm / live: Internal web seminar with MS.i - registered attendees only

 4 pm: Playing with the terrain - Pauli Trenkwalder  

 5 pm / live: Web seminar on apparel layering: yes/no? - Salewa  

 7 pm / live: Ski touring 1 & 2 - Team & Walter Würtl  


Saturday, November 14:

   9 am: Avalanche beacons - presentation of the latest devices  

 11 am: Airbag systems - presentation of the existing systems  

 2 pm: Integrative avalanche systems - Team BSPA  

 4 pm: MS.i - - presentation of the knowledge database  

 6 pm / live: When ropes tear, and what we can learn from them - Chris Semmel  

 8 pm / live: Passion steep skiing - Vivian Bruchez  

 You can access the stream here. The next physical Alpinmesse will take place on Nov.13-14, 2021, in Innsbruck.