On Nov. 20, this year’s digital Milano Green Forum will try to increase environmental awareness, generating an awareness-knowledge of the potential of a possible radical change of paradigm. It is aimed at consumers, businesses, and institutions and presents new technological solutions, thus favoring a cooperative approach between research and industry, also providing for the first time a cross-sectoral comparison on the political and industrial strategies in place.

The digital nature of the event allows participants to have access to multimedia content, divided into conference panels and the ”Green Voices” – interviews with opinion leaders. In addition, participants can interact live with exhibitors and download documents and reports. Part of the program is a plenary session at 4 p.m. with Elisabetta Baronio, sustainability and responsibility manager EMEA at Timberland, on sustainable fashion applied on all the industry’s supply chain.

To participate for free, you have to register prior to the event. The program is available here.