There will be many familiar faces at 2023’s OutDoor by ISPO, but Exhibition Director Lena Haushofer gives us a preview of some of the 100+ brands taking part for the first time. She also updates us on the new ticketing prices and policies and how OutDoor by ISPO is gearing up to support junior members beginning their journeys in the outdoor industry world.


Source: OutDoor by ISPO

SGI: Can you give us any previews of what to expect at this year’s OutDoor by ISPO? How are the preparations going?

Lena Haushofer: You can expect four packed halls and atriums as well as numerous showrooms occupied by exhibitors. We currently have a booking level that is far above that of 2022. We have sold twice as many square meters and will be welcoming a wide range of outdoor brands this year. And we’ll have an outdoor area occupied by many camping brands, including international brands. With our partner European Outdoor Group (EOG), the exclusive, conceptual sponsor of OutDoor by ISPO we can’t wait for that!

Who will be at the 2023 OutDoor by ISPO?

Can you give us some examples of the brands that will be there?

Many brands from 2022 are sticking with OutDoor by ISPO and returning for another year: Rab/Lowe Alpine, Scott, Ortovox, Deuter, Meier Sports, Big Agnes, Vaude, Merrell, La Sportiva, Lowa, Meindl, Petzl, Osprey, Mountain Equipment, Nordisk, Fenix Group, Leki, Komperdell, Dometic, and so many more.

Brands that were not able to attend in 2022 are returning this year. And we are seeing that brand representatives, especially from China and Pakistan, are now allowed to travel again too.


Source: ISPO

ISPO Exhibition Director Lena Haushofer

It’s great to see that nearly 100 newcomers have also signed up for their first OutDoor by ISPO in 2023: Pentland Brands, J. Lindeberg, Nomad, Pegasus, Brunton, Sidas, Norrona, Hestra, Cavida, Igloo, Gonso, Devold of Norway, Montura.

Is it just brands at this year’s OutDoor by ISPO?

Not at all. We will be welcoming associations too, like BSI, Sport 2000, and  of course our partner EOG with their own area. Visitors can expect to see some joint stands like the OSV (Outdoor Sports Valley) with a French Village, the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG) with a Scandinavian Village, and Assosport with an Italian Village.

The whole industry is currently facing three uncertainties: supply chains, consumer sentiment, and inflation. To what extent have you noticed that in the bookings? 

Actually, not very much. We have very good booking levels. Possibly because we have limited the exhibition space to 120 sqm. This means that brands don’t have to make too big an investment to be at OutDoor by ISPO.

When it comes to the supply chain theme, it’s not just about the brands’ products, but also the stories behind them. And the topic of sustainability is very important here. How do I manage to produce more sustainably? Where do I currently have my production sites? That’s why there are already some brands, such as Vaude, that no longer put the products upfront but instead lead with the brand in the foreground.

What to expect at OutDoor by ISPO

How are you dividing the halls at this year’s OutDoor by ISPO?

The EOG and the ISPO Team have decided not to divide the halls thematically. All halls are of equal quality, with key account brands in each hall. Of course, we have clustered thematically a bit: keeping the shoe brands together, for example, the brands with climbing equipment or clothing, and so on.


Source: OutDoor by ISPO

In Atriums 1 and 2, we’ll have order offices, such as the Schwan-Stabilo Group, Löffler, Mammut, Jack Wolfskin, and Norrona. In the middle of these spaces, we’ll have exhibitors. In Atrium 3, you’ll find the Sustainability Hub with a Speakers Corner, and in Atrium 4, the topics TextTrends, Manufacturing and Sourcing will be presented.

There will also be catering in the atriums, and exhibitors will occupy the showrooms on the 2nd floor of Atrium 4. 

What is on offer in terms of the program?

Atrium 3 will have a stage integrated into the Sustainability Hub. There will also be surrounding rooms for master classes and workshops.

OutDoor by ISPO attaches great importance to young talent. Together with major retailers such as Engelhorn, we are bringing junior staff to this year’s OutDoor by ISPO to give them an understanding of the outdoor industry. Job offers will be on show via a job platform, and we’re holding joint events, such as a cooking event. Junior staff can also spend the night at the campsite free of charge.


Source: OutDoor by ISPO

What special offers do you have for retailers?

Retailers can look forward to discovering many new brands, especially from the 100 newcomer brands that have never been at an OutDoor by ISPO. There’s so much on offer: Small brands, international brands that want to enter the European market from the USA, trends, product highlights, new collections, they’ll all be in focus.

OutDoor by ISPO is also an unrivaled networking platform. And to help this along, we will again organize two great OutDoor by ISPO parties on Sunday and Monday.

OutDoor by ISPO 2023: A platform for retailers and networking

How do you ensure that OutDoor by ISPO remains the leading European trade fair for the outdoor industry, especially for retailers?

This year, we have personally invited retailers, and we are always looking to expand our retailer network.

It’s incredibly important to us that we have retailers from all over Europe and the world on-site during OutDoor by ISPO so that we remain the leading platform. This year we’ve introduced a Buyers Lounge as a dedicated contact point for all retailers.

Will retailers again have the opportunity to be invited to OutDoor by ISPO by exhibitors?

That’s right. Using the Connect by ISPO tool, brands can invite retailers in unlimited numbers. There is also a discounted retail ticket, but the best-case scenario is that retailers are invited by their partner brands.

What does the ticket structure look like?

We offer business tickets for agencies and tickets for the non-exhibiting industry.

We noticed, especially at ISPO Munich, that many non-exhibitors were at the show and used the platform. This is great because it means that the platform continues to be relevant. However, we are of the opinion that everyone should make a contribution so that our events can continue to run in the future. So we have introduced a ticket for the non-exhibiting industry, which is priced at over €1,000. Exhibitors are urged to really only give their free tickets to the trade and not to the non-exhibiting industry.

Community is key at this year’s OutDoor by ISPO

What are you doing to solidify this idea of community?

The venue for Outdoor by ISPO, the MOC Event and Order Center, is the perfect location to strengthen the community concept. It’s very familiar; everything is close together, meaning it’s super efficient for retailers to visit brands.

And at MOC Event and Order Center, we have the outdoor area, which makes for a perfect opportunity to have conversations.

Like in 2022, we are also celebrating with an outdoor party on Sunday and Monday evenings. Tickets will be €20, including drinks, a barbecue, a live band and DJ. This year the menu will be completely vegetarian and vegan.


Source: OutDoor by ISPO

You mentioned a campground. What are the accommodation options?

The MOC Event and Order Center is easily accessible by car, public transport and bicycle. For guests who have a very long journey, there is also an airport shuttle.

And yes, there will be a campsite location near the Showpalast; a 25-minute walk from the MOC Event and Order Center, or visitors can use the subway. What better way to get in the mood for all the great exhibitors you’ll see at OutDoor by ISPO than to camp. 

You’ll be able to book this directly through us. We’ll have more options and details available on our website soon.

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