Messe München, which won the bid to host the European OutDoor show from 2019 on just before the Ispo Munich show last January, is inviting industry professionals to register to attend free of charge a conference in Munich on June 27 to introduce the new concept of the fair, which will be called OutDoor by Ispo. The presentation will be followed by a round-table discussion on the challenges and opportunities being faced by the outdoor industry. Selected brands will give a glimpse of their vision for the future at a “basecamp of inspiration.” Seating is limited at the conference, which will take place in the ICM conference center next to the fairgrounds, starting at one pm on June 27. It will be followed by a previously planned Ispo Digitize Summit on the digitalization of the broader sporting goods sector on June 28 and 29, for which an attendance fee will be charged, in contrast with the June 27 conference.