Thanks to new Covid-19 regulations in the German state of Bavaria, which allow trade shows to be held again from Sept. 1 if the pandemic continues to develop favorably, the organizer of the Performance Days has announced that the next event (Kickoff Winter 2022/23 and Update Summer 2022) will be held Dec. 9-10, 2020 in Munich. 

The original date for the autumn edition of the show was Oct. 28-29. The new date allows the Ministry of Health more time to refine its safety plans to be implemented in the best possible way at the Munich exhibition center. In order not to miss out on anything, visitors are advised to reserve their free tickets early on and to sign up for the newsletter for updates and possible changes. In the run-up to the show, following the success of the first digital Performance Days this spring, the organizers said they are also working on further digital solutions for before, after and during the upcoming event.