This summer, Maloja Clothing, a German manufacturer of functional cycling, mountain and winter sports apparel, acquired the second half of the holding company VioModa GmbH, located in Dornbirn, Austria, for an undisclosed price. Now owning 100 percent of the company, Maloja is also fully in charge of the VioModa production facilities in Bulgaria, where most of Maloja’s products are made. VioModa was founded in 2014, but has already become one of the leading companies in Europe for the processing of high-quality functional fabrics. At three locations in Plovdiv, Kritschim and Chirpan, there are 260 employees. VioModa also produces items for various other brands. At an early stage, Maloja recognized the great potential of an own production site in Europe and helped to establish VioModa, not only financially but also with know-how in development, design and production of functional outdoor sports textiles. Klaus Haas, chief executve of Maloja, said: “Today’s development processes for high-quality functional sportswear require close coordination between production and development. We can handle this much more efficiently and with higher quality within Europe.” According to Haas, a large part of the specialized machinery required for production is also made in Europe, which makes production at European locations even more attractive for Maloja.