German snowboard brand Amplid, currently best known for its lightweight splitboards for backcountry access, has signed an agreement with the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation to calculate its current CO2 emissions. Through this cooperation, the snowboard brand supports the foundation in planting trees on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, which bind CO2. The audited certificate demonstrates the size of the reforestation area required to offset Amplid’s current unavoidable CO2 emissions. Reforestation also has valuable co-benefits for the sustainable development of local people.

Amplid started early to minimize its footprint by developing new eco-technologies and manufacturing processes. In 2012, Amplid won the first ISPO Eco Award for its Green Light Project. The brand was founded in 2005 by former German snowboard pioneer and champion Peter Bauer and freeskier Anian Thrainer as a snowboard and ski company. Today, Amplid is also responsible for the Merino wool apparel brand Pally’Hi, founded by Bauer in 2013. The 2019/20 winter season was, for now, the last in which Amplid offered skis. The hardware portfolio for this winter is limited to snowboards and splitboards.