Devold of Norway, the Norwegian wool specialist, launched a new collection under its “Sheep to Shop “ program at this year's Ispo show in Munich. The organic wool for the brand's new “dual active” collection for autumn/winter 2018/19 is sourced from Argentina. The first products in the line were already available in the past season. The company says it has direct contact with farmers where the wool is sourced. It currently works with 13 farmers in Australia and 5 in New Zealand. The company has constantly increased the amount of the organic wool in its products and today more than 50 percent of the wool comes from the “Sheep to Shop” program. The items have tags so customers can see from which farm the wool is sourced. Devold has its own production site in Lithuania, where it manufactures 98 percent of its products. Devold reports that its total sales increased by 8-10 percent in 2017 as compared to the previous year. Sales in the company's domestic market, Norway, account for 70 percent of its total sales. Devold opened up a subsidiary in Germany in January 2017.