The Swedish fashion tech company We aRe SpinDye®’s aim is to make the dyeing process of clothes completely environmentally friendly. After introducing a unique and extremely resource-efficient dyeing process, first applied by the Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven in 2017, the company is now closing the last link for a circular and sustainable textile production by launching a raw material based on recycled clothes. 

The original process by We aRe SpinDye allowed users of the technology to reduce water consumption by 75 percent and chemical consumption by as much as 90 percent compared with traditional water dyeing of fabric. With the new process for recycled textiles, the company is finally offering a solution for a completely circular process: From reusing parts of the worn-out garment, to dyeing it with the We aRe SpinDye’s dyeing process, to finally recycling the garment again and dyeing it again.

The new We aRe SpinDye dyeing process was first used by the Swedish fashion chain H&M for recycled polyester in its Conscious Exclusive collection this fall. This is the first time that H&M has worked with We aRe SpinDye. The new technology will be available to all interested textile manufacturers.


Source: We aRe Spindye®

We aRe Spindye® process @ H&M