This summer, Bollé launched an app that allows users to try out Bollé’s Phantom Glass technology directly on a smartphone, a first on the sports market. Now the company introduced a new augmented reality (AR) filter with the help of its partners QReal and M7 Innovations. Consumers can not only see and experience the Phantom Glass in the Goggle Nevada, but also safely try out what they look like with Bollé helmets and goggles – all with the help of Instagram and a smartphone.

With interactive 3D models on the Bollé website, the customer experience goes beyond Instagram to provide bullet points with detailed mouse-over information. As an industry first, these points are also located on the back of the 3D models as they are rotated, providing a truly interactive online experience that no other retail brand offers. Once the user has selected a lens that matches his or her style and needs, he or she can purchase the product directly from the newly launched Bollé e-commerce site or search for a retailer.

Bollé’s full range of phantom glasses will be available in the AR demo, allowing consumers to choose the glass best suited to their needs. Bollé says that the new AR technology supports winter sports retail by helping consumers experience Bollé at all times and making targeted retail purchases. This not only increases sales opportunities, but also reduces returns.