Just days after the German parliament passed the new Supply Chain Act, outdoor brand Vaude is making a clear statement: With a new addition to the product information on vaude.com, the German brand provides full transparency of the supply chain of every Vaude product on its own website. For each style, there is information about the production site, as well as location info and pictures of the building and production. In addition, Vaude provides information about the respective certificates of its production partners. By clicking on the Fair Wear logo, the detailed Brand Performance Check can be viewed, according to which the manufacturers are evaluated every year by Fair Wear.


Source: Vaude

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Vaude has around 50 different production partners worldwide. About 20 percent of them are located in Germany and Europe, while about 80 percent are in Asia. The independent organization Fair Wear monitors working conditions at all production sites through annual audits, during which workers are also interviewed outside the factory. In addition, violations can be reported to Fair Wear at any time via an anonymous complaints system installed at each producer. The producers have committed to comply with clearly defined social standards and to pay fair wages. Vaude as a client is also audited on a regular basis. In Fair Wear’s annual Brand Performance Check, Vaude received the highest possible Leader status a few days ago for its high level of commitment - consecutively since 2015.