Zipper and fastening products manufacturer YKK has launched a digital showroom to improve contact with its customers – virtually and regardless of time or location. YKK calls the concept behind the online showroom „connection,” a play on the brand’s expertise as a fastening product manufacturer. The digital space, modeled after the YKK showroom in London, consists of six floors represented in the showroom’s logo, which also looks like a zipper. Each “floor” has a different theme, with fastening products for highly functional applications such as outdoor, backpacks, water protection and luggage on the “B2F” floor. The other showroom levels cover fashion, automotive and sustainability as well as company information. Another level for region-specific collections will be added later. Customers can view products through close-up photos, videos and catalogs, and meet with YKK representatives online. The company also plans to host webinars and other learning opportunities through the platform.

YKK expects the digital showroom to be an “incubator for innovation and creative design.” Not only will it showcase these capabilities along with the latest YKK product designs, but it will also allow customers to interact with the YKK team to answer questions and solve design problems from the comfort of their own homes.