With its German-language comic magazine Lo & Wa Abenteuerhandbuch (Adventure Handbook), the German outdoor shoe manufacturer Lowa has been addressing the youngest target group directly since 2016. This spring will see the publication of the ninth issue of the comic, which has been listed at the German National Library since the beginning. Thematically, the series features the siblings Lo and Wa, who explore foreign countries and cultures as well as nature. Each issue is dedicated to a new country or region. In addition to the illustrated main story, there is a lot of additional reading material, such as riddles, tips, recipes and ideas for handicrafts.

Lowa is now starting to offer these same stories as a German-language audiobook for free download. The first file is an audio version of the first print booklet from 2016, in which the protagonists are introduced. Lowa intends the stories mainly to convey the joy of nature to children and parents alike.

Children have been integral to Lowa’s strategy for many years. All of its children’s shoes, for example, are manufactured with a special last. Also, a pediatrician, Dr. Micha Bahr, director of pediatric and adolescent surgery at Ingolstadt Hospital, is involved in the brand’s children’s shoe development as a consultant.

Lowa was founded near Munich, Germany, in 1923. Since 1993, it has been part of the Italian Tecnica Group.

Source: Lowa