HeiQ and Patagonia announced the launch of a jointly developed odor control technology for textiles called HeiQ Fresh MNT, a mint oil-derived textile technology to control odor in fabrics from renewable sources. 

Patagonia and HeiQ’s similar environmental and social philosophies were why the two brands entered into an intensive research partnership in 2015. Patagonia provides the ideas and sets the principles. At the same time, HeiQ uses its expertise in formulating specialty chemicals and applying them to textiles to create finishes that outperform the market in sustainability and functionality.

HeiQ Fresh MNT is the latest addition to the HeiQ Fresh family of sustainable odor management technologies, complementing the company’s mineral-based HeiQ Fresh HAX and bio-based HeiQ Fresh FFL. HeiQ Fresh MNT uses a renewable and responsibly sourced textile technology based on mint oil to control the odor of textiles. Based on the ISO17299-3A test method, which uses isovaleric acid, the treated synthetic fibers have more than twice the odor control efficiency of current industry standards.

As a development partner, Patagonia is the first to embrace this technology and will begin retrofitting its products soon. Laura Hoch, Patagonia’s material innovation engineer, said, “We’ve been relentlessly testing the technology and building the supply chain to bring HeiQ Fresh MNT-enhanced products to market as quickly as possible.”