POC, founded in 2005 in Sweden, has created the Aspired Collective, an approach which the brand calls “a new pathway for POC to promote and grow talent in snow sports and cycling.” Focused on the brand’s safety and protection mission, the Aspired Collective is designed to give athletes, and those who aspire to be one, support and opportunity to focus on reaching the top of their chosen sport or discipline.

David DeMartini, POC’s chief marketing and digital officer, said: “It takes belief and the extraordinary to reach the pinnacle of any sport. Talent and passion are obvious, essential prerequisites, but all too often we see natural talent and passion struggle. The Aspired Collective is our way of being able to nurture and support athletes who, like us, want to inspire others and make a difference. Together the potential is limitless. […] We are incredibly excited to welcome applications.”

No matter whether young or old, pro or am, in ski racing, mountain biking, road racing, gravel, freeride, snowboard, or backcountry adventures – POC is inviting anyone with a talent or passion to apply here.