Polygiene has developed a new formula for its ViralOff® technology, which now comes with what Polygiene calls “lifetime of garment washability,” a claim limited to 30 washes. ViralOff has a proven performance against SARS-CoV-2 with a more than 99 percent reduction of microbes in the material within two hours simply by venting the product. “There has been some confusion in the market as claims to washability wrongly rely on tests that are not antiviral, but rather antibacterial. We have therefore developed a treatment that provides an antiviral effect according to global test standard ISO18184:2019 (determination of the antiviral activity of textile products) and really meets the antimicrobial and antiviral claims that we make,” said Daniel Röme, chief technology innovation officer at Polygiene.

The company wrote in a release that it still believes that less washing is always a good thing. The way ViralOff works and less washing results in longer-lasting products, which means less impact on the environment. “However, we also want to make sure that products that need to be washed, keep their effectiveness, get an extended lifetime and are not thrown away too early,” the company writes. The new formula of ViralOff is already being applied by a number of partners and is ready for high-volume delivery next January.