Decathlon Germany will close the 2020 fiscal year with seven new openings and two expansions. In addition, André Weinert, chairman and chief executive officer since September 2019, reports an unspecified increase in sales for the year and the fact that not a single employee had to be laid off despite Corona and the lockdown. Weinert attributes the chain’s success to its multi-channel model: “In addition to over-the-counter retail, we were quick to opt for a digital concept and we are pleased that our growth is continuing and that we can continue to satisfy our sports-loving customers through a variety of channels.” The success of the concept is demonstrated not only by the online store growth, but also by the fact that many store customers are now increasingly shopping online, he said. As part of next year’s expansion of both channels – physical stores and e-commerce – the new logistics center in Berlin, which will open in 2021, will focus exclusively on processing online orders. The “Digital Marketplace” project will also be part of the expansion. It will extend the existing range of products and services in order to address customers in a more targeted manner. In addition, the network of physical retail stores in Germany is to be made even tighter in the coming years and expanded to 140 locations.