Dynafit has announced that 80 percent of its current 2020 summer collection of apparel, footwear and equipment will be carried over to 2021. The decision was made in connection with the difficulties generated by the coronavirus crisis, and notably the company’s willingness to support its retail partners, as the 2020 products ”will not get old.” The products from the 2020 summer collection will be complemented by select new items. The highlight for summer 2021 will be the trail running segment, in particular the DNA collection, a line of 11 new products for men and women – footwear, apparel and equipment – especially developed for trail running races. 

Dynafit is following the same path as Salewa, which also belongs to the Oberalp Group, and La Sportiva. Both brands have also announced the partial postponement of their 2021 summer collections. It can be expected that other companies will take similar measures in view of the stagnating sales due to the Covid-19 pandemic.