After launching its online platform for sustainable sports products In April 2021, Sportgreen has opened a physical flagship store of 800 square meters under the same name and with the same products in the German town of Ingelheim. The new store adds up to two smaller Sportgreen shops that were silently opened during the lockdown phase in Germany: a boutique-sized store (140 sqm, open seven days/week) in the tourist town of Eltville, and a 400 sqm store located in the center of Geisenheim.

All three stores were previously run under the Intersport Kiegele banner. Their owner, Joachim Kiegele, is a co-founder and the general manager of Sportgreen. He still manages an Intersport Kiegele store in Wiesbaden and he is in talks for the establishment of new Sportgreen stores or shop-in-shops on a partnership basis in other parts of Germany, in collaboration with other Intersport franchisees and other independent retailers.

At this stage, Sportgreen defines the products it offers as sustainable if they have been certified as made with at least 50 percent organic or recycled materials. In a future step, Sportgreen wants to enter the circular economy - cradle to cradle – by inviting consumers to drop off their used and worn-out sports gear at Sportgreen to be recycled and reused.

Sportgreen’s brand identity and its omnichannel approach have been developed in collaboration with Brainartist, a German marketing agency. The brands Vaude, On and Brooks supported the opening of its flagship store with campaigns of their own.

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