Vaude has recently launched an upcycling store with eBay. The German manufacturer of outdoor products is now selling residual materials through a newly launched upcycling store on the online marketplace with more than 18 million customers in Germany alone. In 2015, Vaude launched the so-called “Vaude Second Use Shop” with used products that can be resold privately on eBay. Via the new upcycling online store, Vaude aims to sell materials that collect in its production center at its headquarters in Tettnang, near Friedrichshafen. Remnants and cuttings from robust and PVC-free materials, which mainly come from the production of Vaude’s bicycle bags, can be used instead of being disposed of. Vaude offers pre-packed boxes with mixed offcuts via online auctions. The revenues of the upcycling store will be donated to the “Save the Children” charitable foundation, which has been campaigning for children’s rights for over 100 years. Vaude and eBay aim to get as many companies as possible, especially from the textile industry, to participate and offer residual materials that are suitable for upcycling products in the new store. Vaude opened its own upcycling workshop, where shopping bags are made from leftover materials, at its headquarters in Tettnang, Germany, in 2018.

Source: eBay / Vaude