On March 05, 2022, Dynafit is organizing the 13th International Snow Leopard Day to protect its “heraldic animal”. Ski touring enthusiasts can collect altitude meters to support the endangered snow leopard. For every completed vertical meter, Dynafit will donate one cent to the Snow Leopard Trust, a non-profit organization that has been working for the endangered wild cat for 40 years. Due to the snow situation, the brand is now moving the event in Germany from Tegelberg/Füssen to the Dynafit Ski Touring Park at Jenner/Berchtesgaden. The parallel event in Austria will take place in St. Johann/Tyrol as planned.


Source: Maurizio Torri / Dynafit

More than 45 athletes, including Alba de Silvestro and Andrea Prandi, have collected altitude meters for the Snow Leopard Trust in the previous year