We’ve previously reported on the Thin Air Gear Show, a new virtual trade show concept that promised to fill the hole left after the Covid-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of all physical shows in the USA. Gearjunkie.com has now published an article that makes us wonder whether the Thin Air Gear Show concept – initially hailed as the future of trade shows, not just during the pandemic – has any future at all. According to gearjunkie.com, the show has no money and very few sponsors and will not take place on Sept. 15-16 as planned. So far, there is no official cancellation notice. In fact, the website has received this information from insiders. “Show staff, who worked to sell booth spaces and attract sponsors, have either been laid off or have resigned. The former employees say the show didn’t pay them. And they now intend to pursue legal action against Gearmunk, the brand behind the show, if it does not compensate them,” the article states. If you want to read the whole article, please head over to Gearjunkie. The Outdoor Industry Compass will be waiting for more official information from Gearmunk and keep you updated!