With the backing of a Chinese firm and a brand of hot chocolate, three veterans of the sports apparel industry, Lena Claesson, Magnus Liljeblad and Jonas Olsson, have launched a digital-only brand of sports apparel in Gothenburg, Sweden, called Huski Wear. Claesson was formerly design and product director at Peak Performance. Liljeblad has also worked for Peak Performance and is a former chief executive of both the distribution company Sportmanship AB and Henri Lloyd, the British sportswear company, which he led from June 2018 until the summer of 2019 following its acquisition by a Swedish company, the Aligro Group. Olsson, Huski’s chief of product development, was head of design and product development at those same two companies. For the moment Huski Wear is producing the full gamut of ski clothing, from inner- to outerwear, with training apparel, parkas and post-skiing wear to follow. Manufacturing falls to the brand’s co-owner, Sport Innovation, a Chinese company with plans to have a new factory operating in Vietnam by early 2021. Huski opened a new online store earlier this month and will soon be launching marketing campaigns with the Swedish ski academy 10K Alpine and with the alpine skiers André Myhrer, Anton Axellie and Jörgen Nordlund. There is also a corporate tie with the Huski Chocolate brand of hot chocolate, which some time ago started producing merchandise as well.