The North Face (TNF) allegedly refused to take an order for about 400 jackets from Innovex Downhole Solutions, an oilfield services group based in Houston, Texas. According to reports by WTVM, Innovex intended to offer North Face jackets, customized with the Innovex logo, to its employees as Christmas gifts, but the outdoor clothing brand rejected the order as an environmental-friendly stance against the oil and gas sector. Adam Anderson, Innovex’ chief executive, said the company was told it did not meet TNF standards, but was also “separately informed” that the problem lay in fact with Innovex being an oil and gas company. In response, Anderson addressed a four-page letter to Steve Rendle, the CEO at VF Corp., TNF’s mother company, in which he stated that he was “proud to be the CEO of Innovex Downhole Solutions” and referred to the “low-cost, reliable energy” that come from oil and natural gas. The letter was posted on LinkedIn. TNF did not respond to requests for comment via e-mail, phone and social media, WTVM’s report indicates. Innovex said it purchased the jackets for its employees from a different vendor.