After refraining from advertising on Facebook and Instagram in support of the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign, Bergans of Norway announced that it would now resume its advertising activities on social media. The Norwegian outdoor brand said it had a good dialogue with Facebook, which in turn had implemented several measures and presented an action plan with concrete points for improvement. Jan Tore Jensen, chief executive of Bergans, said his company’s values were firmly established: “Hate speech, discriminatory comments and racist attitudes contradict everything we believe in.” He also said that Bergans will continue to support the Stop Hate for Profit campaign and monitor Facebook’s improvement on the issues that have led many brands to boycott advertising on the social media platform and its other platform, Instagram, in July. At the same time, however, Facebook’s communication channels are important to the brand and the “sum of measures” taken and announced by Facebook is reason enough to resume advertising, the company said.