The consulting firm ClimatePartner, previously active in consulting companies in the field of climate protection, has founded the non-profit organization ClimatePartner Foundation based in Berlin, whose goal is to offer private individuals a simple and effective solution to become active against climate change. Therefore it has developed the climate protection platform ClimatePartner YOU, where users can inform themselves about their opportunities to influence climate change and take direct action. The platform is to be launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland before autumn 2020 and will then be gradually expanded to other European countries. In order to give the initiative the necessary momentum, Gerrit Mewes, former founder of Rocket Internet and the recycling marketplace Metalsale, was recruited for the project. Mewes will drive the development of ClimatePartner YOU together with the other co-founders, Tristan A. Foerster and Moritz Lehmkuhl.