Lenzing and Orange Fiber, an Italian company that has patented the process for producing pulp from citrus by-products, have unveiled the first Tencel™ brand lyocell fiber made from orange pulp and wood sources. With this new product, both companies aim to realize their shared vision of improving sustainability in the textile and fashion industry. As part of its new Tencel Limited Edition initiative, Austrian specialty fiber producer Lenzing aims to reinvent its successful Tencel brand fibers with unconventional, sustainable raw materials. The fibers are currently being processed into a new fabric collection that Orange Fiber will launch in October 2021. “Our cooperation with Orange Fiber demonstrates Lenzing’s commitment to partnering for change,” said Gert Kroner, VP of global research and development for the Lenzing Group. “By upcycling waste materials such as orange peels in our products, we are taking proactive steps toward a more sustainable future and minimizing the environmental impact of waste.”

TENCEL™ Limited Edition x Orange Fiber_1. Process_ph. Luca Distefano _ Orange Fiber

Source: Luca Distefano / Orange Fiber

Tencel™ Limited Edition x Orange Fiber