Mammut’s circular economy project “Close The Loop” is awarded the “German Prize for Sustainability Projects 2021“ in the “Process - Recycling” category. Within the project, the Swiss outdoor company, in cooperation with Protect our Winters Switzerland (POW), is collecting discarded climbing ropes that are recycled and given a new life as t-shirts. Ropes account for 13 percent of Mammut’s global carbon footprint, a fact that has triggered a rethink within the company. According to a company statement, the Close the Loop T-shirt has saved 67 percent of CO2 emissions by recycling ropes that are no longer used, compared to the production of a t-shirt from virgin material. Extrapolated to date, the project has saved 5.41 tons of CO2. 

The new award premiering in 2021 is presented by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ), news channel ntv and DUP business magazine.

After winning the ISPO Award 2021, this is the second time that Mammut’s circular economy project has been recognized. First place in the Process - Recycling category went to Agro International, a mattress manufacturer.