As part of a three-week campaign, U.S. brand prAna wants to inspire people to rethink their daily lives and identify an environmentally harmful habit they can give up. They are then asked to post their personal pledge with a photo or video on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using #NotGoingTo and the tag @prAna. prAna will reward the most popular submissions with eco-friendly gifts to help people keep their pledges. The social media campaign is limited to U.S. citizens. A panel of prAna representatives will review the #NotGoingTo submissions for their environmental impact, personal commitment and uniqueness. 

prAna’s dedication to sustainability has been a core value of the brand since it was founded in 1992. Packaging has been a focus of the company since 2010. While most products are now shipped as a small roll held together with raffia cord, the brand aims to eliminate the use of virgin plastic in its consumer packaging by the end of 2021, the use of old-growth and endangered forests by 2022 and the use of virgin forest fiber by 2025.