In its 2020 sustainability report, Schöffel is emphasizing the learnings from the Covid-19 crisis and its consequences for the German family-owned outdoor company. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, one focus of Schöffel’s CSR efforts in 2020 has been continuous and responsible collaboration and communication with all production partners worldwide. In this context, it proved helpful that Schöffel had already hired two employees in 2018 who live in Vietnam to work in quality control. Both were also able to repeatedly check the working conditions at the partner companies on site. In addition to global health issues, political earthquakes have shaken Myanmar, an important production country for Schöffel: As a ten-year member of the Fair Wear Foundation, the brand follows the organization’s recommendation for business relationships in Myanmar, which advocates continued cooperation with manufacturers in the country, provided they are not affiliated with the military.

In terms of a of carbon-responsible business model, the very detailed 45-pages report provides information on all areas of CSR strategies. Schöffel reports 4,500 repairs in its German repair center. As part of a charity campaign giving online store customers in Germany the opportunity to donate the temporarily reduced VAT to reforestation projects, €48,000 were raised in the summer and fall of 2020. Schöffel doubled this amount to €96,000, of which around 30,000 trees are planted in Bavarian forests, offsetting around 300 tons of CO2.

More details can be found in the Schöffel Sustainability Report 2020 (direct PDF download).