As part of the ongoing cooperation with New York-based designer Nicole McLaughlin, Canadian brand Arc’teryx went online with a new video that gives a deeper insight into her upcycling projects and consumer workshops. The film named “Nic’ole” is roughly five minutes long and lets the climber and artist talk about how companies might address the problem of consumer goods waste in a creative and positive way.

For Arc’teryx ambassador Nicole McLaughlin, waste is not just a consequence of our unquenchable thirst for new products but an opportunity. She asks: “What if I start from scratch, what if I take this apart and remake it, what happens if I just reevaluate this? By doing that, I feel like I’ve discovered so many amazing things and possibilities in things that people really deem as useless.” Arc’teryx promotes its project with McLaughlin on a separate website and has posted an explanatory text on its brand blog.