Source: © Michael Will

Michael Will, Travel Outfitting Agency

With sales specialist Michael Will and his company Travel Outfitting Agency, Norwegian merino specialist Aclima is strengthening its presence on the Austrian market with immediate effect. The distribution agency’s existing portfolio comprises numerous outdoor brands, including the entire Katadyn Group, Eagle Creek, Lundhags, Helsport, Helinox, Care plus and Viavesto. “We have been looking for the right agent for Austria for some time,” said Thor Andersen, managing director at Odex, Aclima’s international distributor based in Denmark. Andersen added that after several years of market presence in Austria, Odex realized that it takes an enormous amount of detailed customer knowledge and strong relationships to penetrate the market. That’s why they decided to work with Will’s Travel Outfitting Agency, which has the necessary experience with the market and the outdoor industry.