Picture Organic Clothing, the French brand of sustainable outdoor clothing, opened three new franchised stores in France earlier this month. The stores are located in Saint-Etienne (east-central France), Montpellier (southern France) and La Rochelle (southwestern France). In an interview with Sport-Guide.com, Florian Delobre, Picture’s retail manager, explained that the brand stores account for about 10 percent of the company’s annual turnover, a share that the management plans to increase considerably over the next five years. The company also has retail ambitions outside of France, notably in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which already represent important markets for the brand, said Delobre.

Picture Organic Clothing was founded in 2008 in the French city of Clermont-Ferrand. The brand’s products are made from 100 percent recycled, organic or responsibly sourced materials, the company claims.